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Centralized booking application

Optimization of beauty salons bookings

Beauty salon managers and artists spend a lot of time managing bookings. Most of them keep the appointments on their phone or even worst on their agenda, but the annoying thing is that they constantly need to interrupt their work to take up calls and to schedule future appointments, all of this and some clients still don't show up messing all of the artist's schedule.

We got the request to create a simple mobile application where multiple salons can join, list their services and receive bookings. Even if it sounds very simple, it turned out to be more complicated than we imagined. Since the requirements weren't clear in our client's mind, we have been very involved in research and helping with business decision-making.

The timeline for this project was very short, our client wanted to launch the MVP as soon as possible. Because of that, we chose to work with Firebase and Ionic because it gave us the possibility to accelerate the development. Though the initial requirements and the MVP were modest in features, we ended up building a much more complicated mobile application.

Some highlights of the features include a complex algorithm that allows the artists to define how to group their bookings in time frames, the possibility to cancel an appointment only with a certain amount of time upfront - a time frame decided by artists, otherwise, the paid amount for the service don't get refunded and the artists opportunity to visualize their financial stats in real-time.

We were in charge of the whole project management, design, and development, and as mentioned above, we were very involved in helping with consultancy regarding business decisions.


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