About Us

We are Reshape Digital

Quick introduction

Reshape Digital is a Romanian software company based in Cluj-Napoca, one of Eastern Europe's renowned city for its technology hubs and universities. Our co-founders are software engineers at their roots, ready to get their hands dirty, though they saw software outsourcing from a different angle. They positioned Reshape Digital as a consultancy first software company focusing on guiding client companies through digital transformation by not only executing on the software deliverables, but advising on business features and considering the client's success, Reshape Digital's mission.

We are client oriented

We embrace digital transformations providing excellently managed it services with a variety of technologies and cloud infrastructures. Our focus is on delivering high quality solutions at affordable pricing, while developing products that satisfy customers' needs, providing an optimal experience in every aspect – from the product, design process through business processes. We seek to meet customers unique requirements for rapid change within each market segment using our skills and experience in technology management sector.

We make a difference

We guide our work by Google co-founder, Larry Page's, most known quote - "Always deliver more than expected". Through that mindset and our strong leadership, structured processes and determination, we have managed to achieve things that our clients did not even thought of. While working with us, most of the companies went live and reached the market with about three months sooner than they expected, saved up to almost 25% on development costs and significantly increased their annual revenue.

How we can work together

reshape digital, it outsourcing, dedicated team for your project

Dedicated Team

We take on the full development cycle, providing a dedicated team for your project, and taking on project management, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

reshape digital, it outsourcing, strategy & consulting for your project

Strategy & Consulting

We provide technical consultancy for your software projects, creating a strategy and planning for your company's digital transformation.

reshape digital, it outsourcing, integrated team for your project

Integrated Teams

You have your technical team, though you want to expand and move faster. We integrate technical people into your existing team working together towards a common goal.