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Our process

Every project is different, though we take an agile and structured approach to all
Software development - research and planning
Research & Plan

We get our hands on and deeply research your business industry; we understand the challenges and then we start to plan accordingly, splitting the work into sprints and user stories.

Software development - design and architecture
Design & Architect

We work together with you to design the most suitable UI/UX interface; concomitantly our technical team is working on choosing the most fitted architecture and technology.

Software development and testing
Develop & Test

We write code with a deep understanding of the overall project, we create unit tests for each feature and finally, our quality assurance team guarantees the functionality.

Software development - deploying and scalling
Deploy & Scale

In a fast-changing world, we provide continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines; we assure the builds by automated testing suits and we are always ready to scale.

Why outsourcing?

Businesses choose to outsource their software development because it generates cost savings. When outsourcing to Eastern Europe, companies tend to cut their development costs by up to 35%. The impressive figure is justified as contracting outsourced teams, reduces expenditures on employees’ hiring, onboarding, insurance, and retention programs. However, there is more to outsourcing besides cost savings. Choosing to outsource offers access to a large pool of IT individuals and modern technologies, provide the ability to easily scale or downsize the development team based on peak workloads and gives the freedom to focus on the core business and client acquisition.


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What you get working with us

1Agile process

We break the software development cycle into multiple stages keeping a constant collaboration with the project's stakeholders and adapting quickly to requirements and priorities changes.

2Cost optimization

Regardless of the company or project size, we are providing the most cost-effective solutions in terms of time to market, software technologies, team components, servers, and cloud hosting capabilities.

3Determined team

We are determined and motivated by the success of each project we take on. We are concerned about how we write the code, but, moreover, we evaluate each feature in terms of business requirements and provide proposals and improvements.


We position ourselves as your technology partner, we are always by your side, available for consultancy, guiding through digital transformation or further software development and improvements.

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